So, What Did We Do at Bright Lights Last Week?


Well, first, we finished up some songbooks that we’d started making (and learned how to get papers unstuck from hole punchers… :)) and then started singing. We were really enjoying the singing this week, so we ended up singing longer than usual. We also did some more active songs this time, and listened to “In Christ Alone” from the Bright Lights CD.

After we were done singing, we prayed, and then the message part commenced. Instead of just presenting a prepared lesson, Hannah and I decided it would be good to teach the girls from our own experiences and share with them our struggles and what God’s been teaching us. So, I talked about the importance of prayer and shared some exciting answers to prayer, and Hannah shared how she’s been learning to trust and obey. Thanks to God, it went really well, and I hope that everyone will be able to learn from our experiences. 🙂

Next comes activity time– probably a favorite part for many of us. 🙂 As is usual for our group, we prepared skits. This time, we did skits from the Bible, and the subject was answered prayer. My group did the story of Paul being released from prison by an angel. (Acts 12:1-18) We had two special effects in ours: Mrs. Ursu was hiding and opened the door without being seen when I read the part about the gate opening of its own accord (everyone thought that was pretty neat!) and also Suki was hiding near the “jail” and “appeared” when I read that part. 🙂 Hannah’s small group did the story of Daniel and the King’s dream. (Daniel 2:1-23) Vanessa did an amazing job remembering Daniel’s parts! As always, the girls did a great job presenting the skits, and we had a grand time (albeit a little silly) preparing them. The moms enjoy watching them, so we usually call them in.

The moms also prepared a lovely tea for us, and Hannah made some delicious lemon bar tarts with raspberries on top. We used the nice tea cups for the first time in a very long time. 🙂

Overall, it was a really blessed meeting, and we are very thankful to God. And thank you all for coming and participating!

Now… a note about pictures. I am really sorry this post does not contain any…  I will try to have some next time. I’m normally so busy with the meeting that I don’t always get to take pictures. I’ve been thinking that it may be a good idea to have one person (preferably a mom or older girl) volunteer to take some pictures. If you’re interested, just let me know! Thanks! 🙂


About Carissa

I am a follower of Jesus Christ and a wife to my wonderful husband. I enjoy knitting, photography, writing, baking, basketball, children, sword fighting, archery and more. I enjoy thinking and sharing about deep things, but I also delight in seeing the funny side of life. I have 7 younger siblings, am homeschooled (even though I technically graduated several years ago, I still consider myself homeschooled... it never really ends.), and go to Grace Bible Church. I blog at

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  1. Carissa and Hannah,
    Thank you so much leaders for all your preparation time! You are so appreciated 🙂 It was awesome to watch the young ladies reenact one story from the Old Testament and one story from the New Testament. Just wanted all the young ladies to know you did a beautiful job! Just keep learning and just keep serving as you grow in the Lord.
    Ms. Mandy

    • Hello Ms. Mandy!

      You’re welcome! Yes, they really did a great job. 🙂

      Thank you for your encouraging comment!

      God bless,

  2. Hi Carissa!

    Great job sweetie- it was such a fun night!! The lemon tarts were sooo delicious- the moms got to sample one of them quartered. Blessings to you and very much love 🙂

    See you soon!
    Mrs Ursu

    • Hi Mrs. Ursu!

      Thank you! I’m really thankful it went well. 🙂 Yes, they were! Oh good! Glad you moms got to have some! 🙂

      Lots of love, Carissa

  3. Yeah! You finally posted! I enjoyed hearing about your meeting, sounds like you had a blessed time. I’m looking forward to another update about your meeting Tuesday.

    Many Blessings,

    • Yes, Allison, I finally posted. 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed hearing about it! Yes, we definitely did. 🙂 Haha, me too! Hopefully with pictures this time…

      Love, Carissa

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