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Hi everybody!

Okay, just a few things you probably should know about Bright Lights…  The first is that we are taking December off, and meetings will resume in January.

We will continue with our pattern of second and fourth Mondays, starting at 6:00pm and ending at 8:30. The first meeting will be on January 14th and the second on January 28th.

Please check out the “Recommended Books” Page–we added several new books, indicated by * after them. Books are SO powerful in shaping one’s thinking-and hence, life.

For 2013, we decided to do something new and wonderful–we actually planned out the whole year in advance! 😀

The purple squares are all the planned BL meetings– 18 in all.

The orange/red P you see on February 2nd stands for Purim, which we’ll be doing again with you all and other friends.

The “N” on March 2nd stand for Nursing home–we are planning to visit the residents and bless them with songs, Bible verses, and some sort of homemade gift/card. We decided to do something at the beginning of the year since most people do it at Christmas time and the rest of the year is relatively uneventful for them.

The pink heart on May 11th is for a Mother-Daughter “banquet/tea”, and the green ones in June are for a Father-daugher banquet. I’m not sure which date will work, as we are hoping to go on a family trip that month. We’ll get you more details as they come. 🙂

And the green “C” is for the Bright Lights Christmas party.

We also are working on planning sewing days and a sleepover–we will update the calendar as we get things on it.

PLEASE NOTE: all dates are subject to change. This is just a broad overview. We will let you know times and such as the dates come up.

Bright Lights Schedule 2013 1

(Click to see the image larger. You can also print this out if you’d like)

The next big announcement is that we have a new program available this year!!

Bright Lights Mini Internship

The Vision: While preparing and praying for Bright Lights a few weeks ago, this verse reference came to mind:

Isaiah 58:12

Those from among you 

Shall build the old waste places;

You shall raise up the foundations of many generations;

And you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach,

The Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.

I got excited about this vision–I think that God wants to develop your girls into young women who help repair and restore this culture, and raise up a foundation for the generations to come–and I want to do all I can with God’s help to guide and encourage them. The world is constantly bombarding us with negative images and messages, and we must work hard to overcome and stay on the offensive instead of just defending.

The Reason: Relationships are crucial, and a few meetings a month are not quite enough for Hannah and I to get really close to the girls. “Living” together for a day helps them to see these things we have been learning in action and provides an opportunity for us to get to know each girl more individually. Also, more direct, tailored, “two to one” mentoring would be even more beneficial to the girls.

The Concept: One girl at a time comes to spend a day with Hannah and I at our tile store. While they are here, they get to do a variety of things–from learning a little of running a business, to Bible and word studies, to reading good books, to listening to/watching sermons, to craft type projects, to helping prepare for Bright Lights, to… any other opportunity that comes up.

We are thinking of doing four different “tracks” or themes to choose from:

1. Purity and holiness

2. Grace and faith

3. Relationships (at home and with friends, both guy and girl)

4. Love vs. fear and being a living sacrifice

The Logistics: We can arrange what day works best for you and your daughter. The idea is that either she sleeps over and comes to work with us or is dropped off at Mann Tile, depending on your preference and schedule. After spending the day at the store, she’ll come home with us, make supper with Hannah (and the rest of us girls, most likely) and your family will come and eat supper with us–and then take your daughter back home. (we will give her back, we promise.) (This would only be a one time thing, or, if it goes well, maybe a few times a year–so it isn’t a big time commitment.)

The Decision: If you are interested in having your daughter participate, please either comment on this post, reply to the Mailchimp email, or tell us when you see us, and we’ll arrange details.. Thank you!!


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