Grace for the Good Girl: The Hiding



First, I am happy to announce that we finally made new Bright Lights Song booklets!! 😀


After Hannah and I shared our personal stories and explained the concept of a “mask” (hiding from our sinfulness, and pretending to others that we are “good.”), we had 8 volunteers represent the 8 masks highlighted in Grace for the Good Girl.


Part of the audience smiling and watching…


Hannah explaining which mask Emily represented (Acts of Service) and what that particular one was like.


Nichole modeling the “Indifference” mask….


Hannah explaining the last mask, represented by Cheryl. This one was “Spiritual disciplines.”


And here are all eight… They represent 8 different ways we as “Good Girls” can walk in the flesh, rather than in the spirit… and hide from each other and God in the process. (Much like Adam and Eve did right after the first sin.) They look and sound good–I mean who would think that “Strength and responsibility” could be a bad thing. How could “Acts of service” be a problem? It really comes down to the heart: why are you doing it? And the how: are you doing it in your own strength, or are you asking God for His strength?

After the message part, we got to play hide and seek. 😀 It goes with the message, right?


Next was tea time!! This week we had some awesome treats–hot chocolate provided by Mrs. Beers, and cheesecake provided by Mrs. Dixon. Thank you both so much for getting tea ready, too!!


The other table… we had some discussion about the message while we had our snacks. 🙂

The assignment for the next two weeks is to fill out (prayerfully) the questions we gave you. If you didn’t get a paper, you can still pray about what you learned and write down anything that God shows you. 🙂

Also, if you haven’t finished James 1 yet, keep working on it! 😀 We would like the whole group to memorize at least that much, and then the ones who are dedicated to memorizing the whole book can continue on. 🙂

See you on Monday, January 28th (At 6:00pm) for Part two: The Finding!

P.S. We are now storing several books at church for you all to borrow and read. If you want to borrow one at Bright Lights or any other time you are at Grace Bible, just let us know and we’ll mark that you have it. 🙂


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