Bright Lights Tonight!


Well, that title kind of gave it away… but yes, we are meeting at 6:00pm at Grace Bible Church for Bright Lights tonight. 🙂 We are looking forward to seeing you all then!! 🙂

P.S. We decided to postpone Purim until February 23rd (which is actually the date that Purim starts) because with mama being gone, I haven’t really been able to plan it like I need to. So we hope to see you then!


About Carissa

I am a follower of Jesus Christ and a wife to my wonderful husband. I enjoy knitting, photography, writing, baking, basketball, children, sword fighting, archery and more. I enjoy thinking and sharing about deep things, but I also delight in seeing the funny side of life. I have 7 younger siblings, am homeschooled (even though I technically graduated several years ago, I still consider myself homeschooled... it never really ends.), and go to Grace Bible Church. I blog at

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