Grace for the Good Girl: Part 2


Wow! This was, officially, the largest bright lights meeting in our five year history! We had 25 girls attend, not including Hannah and I.

The message this time was quite long (probably too long)–first we reviewed the last meeting, since about half of the group had no idea what we were talking about… and then we went over the story of what God did in order to provide Grace for us. We talked about how Grace was not free–God is holy and just, and sin needed to be dealt with. But grace is given freely–God is loving and gracious, and Christ’s sacrifice made it possible for us to receive it..


We talked about how, as Christians, we have all these blessings available it Christ–we either just don’t realize it, or we don’t receive them–but instead try to do it all by ourselves. In this picture, the girls were all getting a wrapped little gift that had their name on it–they were receiving a gift. It was already theirs–had their name on it–but they had to pick it up and unwrap it for it to do them any good. (It was chocolate, in case you weren’t there… :D)

We also talked about the value of not only receiving our blessings–recognizing that we have them and letting go of worldly things so we can hold on to them–but also remaining in Christ in our thoughts as we go about our lives and letting His word dwell in us.


This is some of us getting back from our small group discussions… we like to have small groups as well as the big group, so that we can all have a chance to share and to ask questions.


And the other side of the room… many of these lovely ladies were attending for the first time–Except Zoe (standing) and Cady (holding the clock.). They were a blessing to have at our group! We hope they were blessed as well and we looking forward to seeing them again!


And tea time! Wow, we filled up three long tables…


The Clarkies provided us with a delicious snack–cheesecake swirl brownies!!


Girls enjoying their dessert and moms talking in the background… thank you all for everything you do to make our tea time so special!


This is the table I sat at… they assured me that the message made some sense at least. 😉 And we talked about lots of other fun things too… Sydney is in blue on the left and Taylor is in pink on the right–it was her first time attending, too!

So, the challenge for the days until the next Bright Lights meeting is to focus on Receiving (knowing the truth and trusting God for what He has promised.) and Remaining (Staying in that place of security in Christ and letting Him quiet our time… continually remembering Him as we go about our lives.)

At the next meeting, on February 11th at 6:00pm, we will be discussing the results of focusing on those two things–be prepared to talk about your experience and thoughts and questions.

We are basing these meetings off of the book “Grace for the Good Girl” by Emily Freeman. It is not required, but we highly recommend that you buy the book and read it together. We were originally only going to do two meetings on this, but since it’s such an important topic and there is so much to cover, it is going to be lasting at least two more meetings.

P.S. Especially if you’re new, check out the FAQ page I just made.

P.P.S. Purim is rescheduled for FEBRUARY 23RD, from 4:00 to 8:00pm at Grace Bible Church. All are welcome–just contact me about what food to bring.


About Carissa

I am a follower of Jesus Christ and a wife to my wonderful husband. I enjoy knitting, photography, writing, baking, basketball, children, sword fighting, archery and more. I enjoy thinking and sharing about deep things, but I also delight in seeing the funny side of life. I have 7 younger siblings, am homeschooled (even though I technically graduated several years ago, I still consider myself homeschooled... it never really ends.), and go to Grace Bible Church. I blog at

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