Grace for the Good Girl: Part Three



The audience watching while I teach… (not sure why the picture looks that way, but it’s kind of cool.)


The other side of the room…


Cady drew out our meeting for us in a sort of comic strip style!


She did an awesome job… if you look at it you can see pretty much everything that we did. 😀


We love to sing!


This time I drew a bubble chart to help explain how it all works together… last time I confused myself and probably lots of girls, so this helped me to keep on track and was a good visual for all of us.


Thoughtful girls… (Katelyn and Zoe.)


This one explains concisely what we talked about in the last two meetings… (The upper right hand corner diagram represents our spirit (inside pink circle), mind/soul (next green circle), and our body.)


… and this one covers our message for this meeting. We mainly talked about how choosing to receive Truth and grace and remaining in it causes us to respond to God in love and worship and service. We talked about how if you try to start at the end–worship and service before Truth and grace and loving God–we are like deaf girls dancing. We watch everyone else and try to figure out what is “right”–and in doing so, we completely miss the Point, as well as trick others and ourselves. We talked about how once God opens your eyes to grace, and you dwell in Him, worship overflows and covers your entire life, not just  little bit of time on Sunday. (That is what the strange pie chart on the top left is about, in case you’re wondering.) We talked about how at the point of Salvation, God’s spirit comes into your dead spirit, and you become alive in Him. (see above diagram explanation.) However, your mind is still not quite caught up with reality–it has a lot of leftover junk. So we need to ask God to renew our minds, and choose to set our minds on things above as Colossians 3:2 exhorts us. We must remember what is already true, and allow God to work in our minds. (Extra drawings provided by Cady.)


Next we had small groups! This is Nataley posing near the “Tealights” group sign… we had a great talk. Moms, you have amazing daughters!


And… for some reason there were a lot of crayons with bent tips. It doesn’t really mean anything. We just thought it was funny…


But we did use the crayons for something–we all wrote/drew a prayer request, and then circled someone else’s to pray for. We then had a time of silent prayer for each other.


We have Good News! Or rather Brittney does, in this picture… Taylor’s pretty happy about it, too. 😀


The “Lighthouse” small group! They were very intent on their discussion and prayer time… they went longer than the other groups. 🙂


Esther helping erase the board. hehe…


And then it was tea time! Thanks to the Harpers for bringing dessert, and also to Yuko, Mrs. Dixon, and any other moms who help set up–you all are awesome!!


Aw… the heart broke. 😦


Hannah talking with Sydney and Chloe.


A smiling Taylor (that isn’t a rarity… she always seems to be smiling!) holding Esther. 🙂

Thank you to Hannah Ruth (and whoever else got the camera) for taking pictures!

And… that wraps up our meeting report! Now for a few detail-y things here at the end…

  • The assignment for this meeting is to read at least Colossians chapters 2 and 3 and think about them in the context of what we’ve been talking about. Reading the whole book would also be great!!
  • The next meeting will be about Truth vs. Lies instead of another one about grace, since we figured we covered it pretty well and don’t want to get repetitive. It will be held on Monday, February 25th at 6:00pm and last until 9:00pm.
  • Also, I told the girls that Hannah and I are available for talking to during the week… they can email me at duchessdaisy744[at]gmail[dot]com or Hannah at hopefulhannah654[at]gmail[dot]com. You can also ask for our cell numbers by email. 🙂
  • PURIM is coming up quickly!! It is on Saturday, February 23rd. So far I know what one family is bringing–if any others reading this are coming, please let me know what food you’d like to bring. The recipes are HERE. Thank you!!

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