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We started by singing outside in the playground (we like to switch things up sometimes), and then came inside to pray together and start our message. Hannah and I talked about the fact that Media is always influencing us, whether it is a good or bad influence. We talked about how we will reap what we sow–if we keep taking in lies, we will believe them and act on them.

Galatians 6:7-10
7 Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. 8 For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. 9 And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. 10 Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.

We talked about the importance of engaging the media–of asking questions instead of just mindlessly taking it in.

We gave them this list of questions–If you forgot to bring yours home or if you didn’t get to come, here are the questions:

{Answer on paper}

  • What sort of person do I want to be? (If you know this, it’ll be easier to decide if a certain kind of media is good for you or not.)
  • What are my areas of weakness? (What sorts of things should I avoid?)

{Ask and answer the following in your head before/during/after taking in media.}

  • Why do I want to listen to/watch this?
  • How is this [book/movie/song/TV show] impacting my thoughts?
  • How is it impacting my relationships–with God, with family and with friends?
  • According to this story/song, what is the purpose of life? How does it define success?
  • How is evil presented? How is good presented? Are there absolutes? Are they based on the Truth?

We then listened to two “Christian” songs, and looked for errors in them. (“What Faith Can Do” by Kutless fails to mention God and only talks about faith, and “Someone Worth Dying For” by Mikeschair (or something like), which has several odd and wrong ideas, such as Christ died for us because WE were worth it, and that the cross proves we are sacred and blameless.) The girls did an awesome job discerning these things–we barely had to point anything out. If you are aware, and if you know what questions to ask, you’ll find that you will take in far less bad stuff.

Then we talked about the movie “Tangled” using several of the above questions–had some really awesome discussion about that. Tangled has some interesting life purposes, such as getting out of towers and getting satchels. 😀 We mentioned several times that it isn’t that we should NEVER watch movies or listen to music, or that it’s all bad–just that we must be wise in what we take in and how and why we do it.

And then it was time for…. skits!! Here are the four groups practicing:


IMG_3006  IMG_3009


The first group performing:


Take a bow! This skit was about seeing something online that you know you shouldn’t (this example was just youtube in general–the mom told them not to go on alone.). In the first situation, the girl did it anyway. In the second, the girl decided to obey her mother.


The second group doing their skit:


Their scenario was being in a car where they turned on inappropriate music–in the first version, one girl didn’t like it but went along with it anyway, and in the second one she shut it off.


And here is the third group setting up:


Theirs was about going to a movie with friends–but the movie turns out way worse than they were expecting. One group left, and the other just stayed.


It was a very scary movie…


The audience enjoying the skit. 😀


The girls watching the “movie”


And here is the fourth group. Their scenario was about wanting to read a book that you know you’re not allowed to.


In the first version, the girl listened to the “Bad angel” instead of the good one…


And picked up the forbidden book when no one was looking.


In the next part, the younger sister wanted to read a book that their older sister and her friend were reading.


But her mother said no… and she wisely refrained. 🙂


Tea time! We had another record-setting attendance–29 girls!



Not sure where the goldfish came from… 😀



The assignment for the next two weeks is to DO the media challenge that they came up with for themselves. Moms, please ask them what they were planning on doing, and keep them accountable. (Mine is to not go on Facebook or Google+ until the Tuesday after next Bright Lights meeting, by the way.) Remember–I’m going to be asking next time what your results and thoughts were, so make sure you do it!! 🙂

The next meeting is on Monday, March 25th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. We will probably be talking about our identity in Christ, and about accepting God’s design for you.

And as always, please keep praying! We cannot do this alone–we need God’s help. Thank you!!


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I am a follower of Jesus Christ and a wife to my wonderful husband. I enjoy knitting, photography, writing, baking, basketball, children, sword fighting, archery and more. I enjoy thinking and sharing about deep things, but I also delight in seeing the funny side of life. I have 7 younger siblings, am homeschooled (even though I technically graduated several years ago, I still consider myself homeschooled... it never really ends.), and go to Grace Bible Church. I blog at

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  1. Carissa, I think that worth and deserve are two different things. We don’t deserve to have Jesus die for us, but he did, and now we can go live with him and worship him forever. So we are kind of worth it. But the song does confuse the words of we are “sacred and blameless… that the cross has proven.” I think it should have said that “thanks to Jesus, we now are sacred and blameless in his sight.” That’s all. Otherwise, I totally agree with you on everything else. 🙂

    • Good job thinking and discerning, Sydney! I appreciate that you didn’t just read it and think that of course I must be right. 🙂 I do think “worth” and “deserve” are two different things too. I will have to think and pray more about the difference and see if I agree with your conclusion. 🙂

      And I definitely agree with your revision of that line. 😀

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