Identity in Christ Meeting



We prayed together after we sang… I think this is the first time we’ve held hands like that. 🙂


Then it was time for the message part… I used the whiteboard again.


We made a list together of things that the world often finds its identity and worth in, and then we went through each one and talked about why they were unstable and generally bad to base your identity on. It got pretty bad… sin really does lead to death. We then talked about the common lies of “Find the Real You!!!” and “Follow your <3” and “Be true to you!” And so forth. We talked about how they sound good, and seem to be less temporary, but that we are not trustworthy either, and our heart leads us astray–back to the very same things we listed before!


We talked about how when we try to follow “The List”, we are focused on our own efforts and abilities or lack thereof… and then how Grace (understood properly) and faith points us to God. We also talked about being in Christ–and being emptied of self so that He can also fill us up inside as well. If we ARE truly in Christ (And I encourage you to ask God to show you if you are or not), then this is our identity below!


Well, some of it anyways… (by the way, the correct reference for Living Sacrifice is Romans 12:1 instead of 2. I got mixed up.)


For activity time, we made papers to remind us of who we really are in Christ.




We had more time than usual for tea, so we did something a little different. Half of the group were “princesses” and the other half “bondservants”–one group had tea while the other served them. (And then we switched roles.)




Mrs. Dixon kindly brought cupcakes!


We had some extra time, so we cleaned the girl’s bathroom… we also spent time praying for the group of girls we were serving.




Finally the next group let us come out…


They did it a little different–we each had our own personal servant. (there were 2 groups of 12, so it worked out just right.)



They even made us pretty little name tags!


All in all, we had a great time. 🙂

The assignment for this time is to put the papers you made on the wall in your bedroom, and then send a picture of it to me so I can do a post with everyone’s pictures. So far I have 4 pictures, so I need quite a few more! If you can’t send in a picture, don’t worry about it. 🙂 Also, when you see them, really think about it and pray about it. Ask God to show you how He views you.

I challenge you to spend at least 5 to 10 minutes in prayer every day until the next meeting as well–maybe you could do 5 minutes of prayer (2 minutes praising and thanking God, 1 minute praying for friends, 1 minute confessing sin, 1 minute praying for personal growth.) and then 5 minutes of being quiet and letting God speak to you. If you don’t “hear” anything, don’t be discouraged… but remember that God can’t talk to us if we are always talking.  Remember that He often uses His word to speak to us, so have your Bible handy. 🙂

You could also memorize one or more of the verses we covered about identity!

As always, feel free to contact me anytime about anything. 🙂 Please keep praying for Bright Lights!

P.S. The next meeting is May 13th. Hope to see you then!

P.P.S. Thank you to Sydney for a few of the pictures!! 😀


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