Prayer Meeting


This meeting was a bit unusual, even for us… We ended up basically praying/worshiping God for most of the meeting. I explained about a new prayer “pattern” that I learned recently–you start with a passage of scripture (we chose Psalm 27), and then go through, looking for parts that talk about who God is and what He is like–and then use those things in your prayers.

You start by going upward (reverence), then downward (response), next inward (requests), outward (readiness) and, finally, back up.


For instance, in Psalm 27, we see that God is our light, our salvation, and the strength of our life (The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life;
Of whom shall I be afraid?).

We went through the entire chapter and made a list of all the things we found. We then praised God for who He is and sang a few songs that the girls picked. (That is the “upward (reverence)” part.)

Next we went “Downward” to the Response part. This is the part where we respond to God’s character, submitting to His Lordship and recommitting ourselves to His service. We see in Psalm 27 verses 8-9 that God calls us to seek His face–and that our response should be to do just that, as David’s was.

We then moved on to the Outward (requests) part. This is different from normal prayer requests, because we base it off the passage of scripture that you’ve just read–for example, we all prayed for each other, that we would remember that we have nothing to fear when God is our light, salvation, and strength. We asked that God would cast our our fear. One family is struggling with money–so we prayed that they would not be afraid, and that they’d remember that God is their strength, and we asked God to provide for them since He is our help, and so on.

We moved on to the “outward” (readiness) part, in which we looked forward to the days ahead and asked God to be our strength and to teach us and guide us and so on.

And, to close, back to where we started, praising God through words and song. I told them afterwards that they had just prayed for an hour–that surprised them. 😀 We usually think that we could never pray an hour–but now we know that we actually can!


(I’m reading through Psalm 27 right here… you can see our list behind me)


Everyone got a chance to participate in some way…


And at the very end, we had a special treat–Emily and Elisa played violin and Rachel played piano while we sang “In Christ Alone”. 🙂

(Thank you very much to Sydney T. for supplying the pictures!!)

Now, for the assignment: Pray through a passage of scripture like we did on Monday at least once. You can copy the steps from here, or you can even do it a little differently if you like. Just remember to keep it founded on scripture and focused on worshiping God for His glory.

We didn’t realize that May 27th, which would have been the next meeting, is on Memorial day–so we decided to cancel the next meeting so families can spend time together.

Which may mean that this is our last meeting until we start up again in August. 😦 (I am not sure yet, though, so stay tuned.)

**A note for when we meet again–I am now asking that everyone put away all cellphones, smart phones, mp3 players, ipods, and so forth during the meeting. (leave them in the front of the church on the table or some other place away from our circle). It will be less distracting for everyone. 🙂

I know that several of you use a Bible app on your device–however, I prefer that you use a Paper Bible instead–mainly because I am human too, and am quite sure that I would end up on something other than the Bible app… so I suspect that some of you may have a similar trouble. 😉 (and some of you may not, too, which is awesome! But I’d still rather we all just use Paper Bibles.) If you do not bring a Bible, you can share with another girl or we can get you one. 🙂 I will assign one or two girls to take pictures–let me know if you’re interested–and they can do that with a camera. 🙂 Thank you all so much!**

As always, please keep praying for the group, and remember you can email me anytime! 🙂


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