Bright Lights is Starting Soon!


Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to remind you all that Bright Lights is starting in less than TWO WEEKS! The first meeting of this quarter will be held on Monday, August 12th at Grace Bible Church, from 6:00-9:00 pm.

I’m excited to see what God is going to do in the next few months… I’ve set aside today to fast and pray about these next 8 meetings and for all of you girls who will be coming. 🙂

There are a few things that are going to be different this time:


Notebooks! We ordered 30 new notebooks for everyone who doesn’t have one yet, so we’ll be giving those out at the first meeting. 🙂 (NOTE: If you do not plan on coming consistently, please don’t take a notebook. Thanks!) If you already have a notebook, remember to BRING it! 🙂


Mom’s Study! My mama, Judy, is going to be hosting a time for the moms. She is planning on going through the above video series by Nancy Campbell. We’re thinking it will be about a half hour of video, followed by discussion and prayer. It will start around 6. If you are interested in coming to that, please let us know. (Either reply to the email, comment here, or call/text Mama if you have her number.)

No devices

No devices during the meeting! To quote myself on an earlier post:

I am now asking that everyone put awayall cellphones, smart phones, mp3 players, ipods, and so forth during the meeting. (leave them in the front of the church on the table or some other place away from our circle). It will be less distracting for everyone. :)

I know that several of you use a Bible app on your device–however, I prefer that you use a Paper Bible instead–mainly because I am human too, and am quite sure that I would end up on something other than the Bible app… so I suspect that some of you may have a similar trouble. ;) (and some of you may not, too, which is awesome! But I’d still rather we all just use Paper Bibles.) If you do not bring a Bible, you can share with another girl or we can get you one. I will assign one or two girls to take pictures–let me know if you’re interested–and they can do that with a camera. :) Thank you all so much!

In review:

1. Remember to bring your Bright Lights notebook if you have one

2. Let us know if you are interested in staying for the mom’s study (and helping Judy out with setting up tea and so forth)

3. Please don’t bring your devices into the sanctuary. We’ll have a basket or something to put them in… if you are using a device during the meeting, we’ll have to ask that you please go put it with the others. 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you all!! 🙂 Please be praying for Hannah and I as we prepare, and for all of us–that God would prepare our hearts and draw us to Himself. Thank you!


About Carissa

I am a follower of Jesus Christ and a wife to my wonderful husband. I enjoy knitting, photography, writing, baking, basketball, children, sword fighting, archery and more. I enjoy thinking and sharing about deep things, but I also delight in seeing the funny side of life. I have 7 younger siblings, am homeschooled (even though I technically graduated several years ago, I still consider myself homeschooled... it never really ends.), and go to Grace Bible Church. I blog at

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