Bright Lights tonight and Schedule


Good afternoon! 

Here is our upcoming Bright Lights Schedule. (Please share with others who aren’t on the email list and if they want to be added just let me know.)

We have about 9-10 meetings left this year including tonight’s. This year I am giving different ones of the girls the chance to study on different topics and share what they’ve learned with the rest of the group as a way to further disciple and help them grow. 🙂 Here are the Topics we’ve covered so far this year. 

I started out with Setting and Achieving Goals (as a group and individually), Friends the importance of having and being a good one, and Living in the moment, but not for the moment. 

Cheryl and Zoe talked about Words and encouragement, Bri and Rhyan shared about Grace, and we watched a video (God of Wonders) about some of the Attributes of God His Power, Justice, Wisdom and love and memorized some verses for it. 

April 25th (tonight) Lauren and Emily – Controlling your emotions and thoughts 

May 9th 

May 23rd 

June 13th 

Summer Break

August 22nd Hannah Ruth and Rhyan -On being outward focused, not self centered 

September 12th (I might be gone or just getting back from a friends wedding out of town, so this date is tenative) 

September 26th 

October 10th 

October 24th 

November 14th 

Christmas Break 

Some of the other topics coming up that don’t have a date assigned yet (Hopefully we can get most of these on the calander tonight. If it’s ok with you and your daughter wants to participate any of the the topics that only have 1 girl they can team up with. Also I want to meet with each set of girls approximately 2-3 weeks before their meeting to guide in the studying for the topic. 

Inner Beauty and Modesty -Bri and Zoe 

How to be a lady, femininity, dress, respect  

-Emily, Carrie and Hannah M. 

Apologetics -Science -History -Bri and Sydney

Purpose of Life -Jessica 

Authenticy of Scripture /Reading the Bible and praying consistently -Sydney

Communication -Mia 

Etiquette and Social Grace -Emily 

Witnessing -Hannah Mann 

Also Thank you to all of you who have brought snack and signed up to bring snack! I will bring a sign up sheet to the meeting, currently I have: 
May 9th Sanders 

May 23rd Cristina 

Just as a reminder the meetings are from 6:00-8:30 

Singing will start at 6:05 so please make sure to come on time! That way we will be able to fit in everything. 

(8:45 is usually a good time for pick up but if you need to pick up your daughters at 8:30 that’s fine.) 

Thank you! See you soon hopefully! -Hannah 


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