Taco Party!


Hey y’all!

Next meeting June 13th is our last meeting before Summer Break. So to celebrate the wonderful times we’ve had so far this year, we are going to meet early at 5:00 and have Tacos and Ice Cream for supper together! 😀 (And to all of you girls reading this even if you haven’t come in awhile and aren’t able to regularly, please come, we’d love to see you!)

We (the Mann’s) will provide Taco Meat and Fresh Salsa

Kristina and Kaitlyn are going to bring Guacamole.

Please let me know if you would like to contribute by bringing any of the following: Lettuce, Sour cream, Cheddar cheese, Tortillas and Taco Shells, Corn Chips, Limeade and or Lemonade, Ice Cream, Paper plates, Plastic cups, etc…

Also here is an updated schedule for the upcoming Bright Lights, please look over carefully because I have added a meeting since the last time I sent this, and please confirm if these dates still work for you or not.

June 13th -Why Reading the Bible and Praying is so important -Abigail Ruth and Hannah Mann

Summer Break

August 8th -The Authenticity of Scripture -Sydney Teagarden

August 22nd -Having an outward focused, not self-centered attitude -Rhyan Fingerson and Hannah Ruth

September 12th -Inner Beauty, Modesty and accepting God’s design for you -Bri Gilham and Zoe Fingerson

September 26th

October 10th

October 24th

November 14th

To all of you Mom’s, I apologize I haven’t been able to meet with every single one of the girls that have presented lessons so far like I wanted to, but it is my goal to do that moving forward. So if you see your daughter on this list or she will be helping teach one in the future I will be contacting you at some point before the meeting that they will be presenting about setting up a date to go over the lesson topic and pray about it together.

It has been so encouraging and exciting to see each of you girls growing and stepping out of your comfort zone. I love seeing you studying your Bibles and working together, and I’ve really enjoyed the great discussions we’ve had so far from Controlling thoughts and emotions, to Grace, to Witnessing and what the Purpose of life is. 🙂

Remember next meeting June 13th (3 Mondays from now), starts at 5:00 instead of 6:00! Hope to see you then, if not before!

God bless you all. ~Hannah


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  1. Thank you to the Oertels for signing up to bring Cheese, tortillas and taco shells, and Bri to bring Paper plates.
    We will bring the Ice Cream.

    If you want to bring something please let me know so I can make sure everything is covered.

    Still needed: Lettuce, Sour Cream, Corn Chips, Limeade and or Lemonade.

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