Upcoming Bright Lights


I’m writing this from El Salvador as I have wifi right now. It’s been an amazing trip so far! Thank you for your prayers. We’ve had youth conferences, gone house to house sharing the gospel, done programs at schools and I’ve got to see lots of my friends. 


I’m looking forward to seeing you all again! 🙂 I hope you’ve been having a good Summer! I’m looking forward to hearing about y’alls adventures and sharing mine. 
I’ve decided that our next meeting will be August 22nd so we won’t have one on the 8th. But be thinking about your topics if yours is coming up. 
August 22nd -Having an outward focused, not self-centered attitude -Rhyan Fingerson and Hannah Ruth
September 12th -Inner Beauty, Modesty and accepting God’s design for you -Bri Gilham and Zoe Fingerson
September 26th & October 10th Will be these 2 topics, which one when is to be determined. 
-Why Reading the Bible and Praying is so important -Abigail Ruth and Hannah Mann
-The Authenticity of Scripture -Sydney Teagarden




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