2017 Goals !


Hey y’all!

I’m so thankful for each one of you and I’m looking forward to this year of Bright Lights! Here is an overview of whats coming up:

These are the goals we came up for 2017, this is a very ambitious list but I’m excited to see how many of these we can accomplish this year!! 😀

-Go to a Nursing Home (at least once)

-Sponsor a Compassion International child (We have one & we’re setting up the details)

-Host a Family Banquet (For all the families of Bright Lights girls)

-Go to the Witnessing Camp at/near the Creation Museum in August

-Go out Witnessing Locally

-Community Outreach (Could be serving food, putting together gifts etc…)

-Go help out at a Rainbow Village Ministry Program

-Have a giant Sleepover (at the church?)

-Etiquette Tea Party

-Make New Song Books with more songs and some Spanish songs.

-Go on a Camping Trip/mini conference


Also at the end of last year I asked for topics that you would be interested in learning and here is the list of Topics that were brought up. We might not be able to fit all of them in this year, but we’ll do our best. And like last year, there will be opportunities for those who would like to help teach the lessons to sign up for different topics. (These aren’t necessarily in the order of the meetings yet)

-How to Grow Closer to God

-Spiritual Gifts – Gods calling for our lives

-Self-Esteem (Viewing yourself through God’s Perspective)

-Dealing with Fear/Anxiety and  -The fear of the Lord (Possibly do these 2 together)


-Witnessing (This one came up a lot, which thrills me 😀 So we’ll definitely be covering it)

-Developing a Gentle and Quiet Spirit

-Femininity (Could be combined with our Etiquette Tea Party)



-Healing from past hurt and how to deal with hard situations


One more thing we decided to do last Bright Lights is each meeting a different girl is going to highlight a Attribute or Name of God. For example God is: Love, Light, Living Water, And He is called the: Lamb of God, Jehovah Jirah etc… I will assign who’s next at each meeting and they will need to prepare a verse or 2 to share, explain what it means, and they can even suggest a song for us to sing or bring a picture.

Here you can see the dates for the current upcoming meetings, thank you to those who have already signed up to bring snacks! Y’all are amazing!

Hope to see you tonight!! 6:00-8:45

Bright Lights Snack Sign up.jpg



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