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Postponed – For GCHFA Spring Concert


Hi everyone,

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted on here.

Just wanted to let you all know that there will be no Bright Lights this Monday because it’s the same night as the GCHFA Spring Concert, which many of you will be attending and my family & I probably will be as well.

Since this month happens to have a 5th Monday our next meeting will be on the 30th. Hope to see you then!



Happy New Year!


Tonight will be our first meeting in 2018.


2017 was a eventful year… here were a few highlights:

In the Spring we did another program at an assisted living facility where we had the chance to be a blessing and share the gospel in our community.

(Practicing at our house. I don’t have a picture of while we were there… if anyone has pictures of any of these events I’d love to see them!)

In the Summer we had the Set Apart Girls Conference. So thankful for everyone who came out and for all the help! Mama did an amazing God coordinating the food and decorations and I got to practice flexibility and trusting God when the lesson videos would not play after the first few! He always has His reasons and it allowed for a lot more time for good discussions and fellowship.

(Worship time at the end, led by the Fingerson and Teagarden ladies.)

In the fall we had a Etiquette Tea Party!! It was a wonderful evening learning to be ladylike; filled with Delicious Food, Tea (of course 😉), Good Conversations, Games & Dancing.

(Photo credits Annee Gunn)

I’m forward to see what this year will hold!

Do you have any favorite memories from this year? Share them in the comments!

Hope to see you tonight!

God bless!


Presentation this Saturday!



Hello ladies!

This Saturday April 22nd, we have the opportunity to share the good news through the songs and verses that we’ve been preparing!

Here is the schedule. If you have any questions please let me know, thank you for your patience and I apologize I wasn’t able to get these details to you sooner.

1:00 Practice and prayer at Grace Bible Church
2:20 Drive over to the Assisted living facility. (If you are interested in Car pooling with other moms please contact eachother directly)

The Springs at South Biscayne
6235 Hoffman St.
North Port, FL 34287

(Driving on 41 towards Venice, take a left turn onto Hoffman which is the street right by the Shell gas station, go past South Biscayne Church and it will be on the right. We will be performing in the dining room which is straight ahead when you walk through the middle entrance.)

2:40 Arrive at the Springs, set up, greet people. (If you are not able to make it to the practice please let me know and you can meet us at the Springs at 2:40)
3:00 The Program
When we are finished we will hand out pebbles that we painted and visit with the residents. For whoever is able to stay we might go around and visit residents that weren’t able to come to the program.

**** Please wear Spring colors!! Pink, purple, yellow, green, blue etc… (mainly just not dark or neon colors)

I will be providing a program with the songs in it for everyone and here is the basic outline.

“The Good News”
Performed by Bright Lights
Program outline

-First half of songs
-Alleluia, Praise ye the Lord

-Christ the Lord is Risen today (1st verse only)

-Holy, Holy, Holy

– Gospel presentation
1. Cheryl & Lex -God is Holy, perfect in Love and Justice

2. Hannah M. & Nay -We are sinners

3. Carrie & Hannah R. -The problem… Sin separates us from God eternally

4. Rhyan & Julianna -But God demonstrated His love by sending His son to live a perfect life, take our punishment by dying in our place and rose again!

5. Zoe & Emily -What does this mean to you? Receiving the gift of salvation by believing in what Jesus did for you.

-Second half of songs
-In Christ Alone

-Jesus Paid it all

-I’ll Fly Away
-Closing Prayer

Please RSVP either way so I know how many to expect by either replying to this email, or calling/texting either myself (Hannah) or Judy. Thank you! Hope to see you Saturday!


2017 Goals !


Hey y’all!

I’m so thankful for each one of you and I’m looking forward to this year of Bright Lights! Here is an overview of whats coming up:

These are the goals we came up for 2017, this is a very ambitious list but I’m excited to see how many of these we can accomplish this year!! 😀

-Go to a Nursing Home (at least once)

-Sponsor a Compassion International child (We have one & we’re setting up the details)

-Host a Family Banquet (For all the families of Bright Lights girls)

-Go to the Witnessing Camp at/near the Creation Museum in August

-Go out Witnessing Locally

-Community Outreach (Could be serving food, putting together gifts etc…)

-Go help out at a Rainbow Village Ministry Program

-Have a giant Sleepover (at the church?)

-Etiquette Tea Party

-Make New Song Books with more songs and some Spanish songs.

-Go on a Camping Trip/mini conference


Also at the end of last year I asked for topics that you would be interested in learning and here is the list of Topics that were brought up. We might not be able to fit all of them in this year, but we’ll do our best. And like last year, there will be opportunities for those who would like to help teach the lessons to sign up for different topics. (These aren’t necessarily in the order of the meetings yet)

-How to Grow Closer to God

-Spiritual Gifts – Gods calling for our lives

-Self-Esteem (Viewing yourself through God’s Perspective)

-Dealing with Fear/Anxiety and  -The fear of the Lord (Possibly do these 2 together)


-Witnessing (This one came up a lot, which thrills me 😀 So we’ll definitely be covering it)

-Developing a Gentle and Quiet Spirit

-Femininity (Could be combined with our Etiquette Tea Party)



-Healing from past hurt and how to deal with hard situations


One more thing we decided to do last Bright Lights is each meeting a different girl is going to highlight a Attribute or Name of God. For example God is: Love, Light, Living Water, And He is called the: Lamb of God, Jehovah Jirah etc… I will assign who’s next at each meeting and they will need to prepare a verse or 2 to share, explain what it means, and they can even suggest a song for us to sing or bring a picture.

Here you can see the dates for the current upcoming meetings, thank you to those who have already signed up to bring snacks! Y’all are amazing!

Hope to see you tonight!! 6:00-8:45

Bright Lights Snack Sign up.jpg


Happy New Year


Our group had a wonderful 2016! And I’m looking forward to what 2017 will bring!

Our first meeting of the year will be this Monday the 9th. 6:00-8:45. We will be starting promptly at 6:00 so please try your best to be on time!

I will have a snack sign up sheet for anyone who is interested in helping bring snack (We are covered for this week)

And now here are a couple pictures from when we went to the nursing home.


I was thankful for how many people came!!


Great job on the skit girls!!

Screenshot 2017-01-06 13.10.03.png


So proud of these girls who had the idea to go around and give out all the extra cards we made to the residents who were still in their rooms. We had such a special time talking to people individually, singing for them and praying for a couple of them. 🙂



Such a wonderful time, I’m hoping to go one again this year (maybe even more than once)!

See you Monday!!