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2-27-2017 Having a Gentle and Quiet Spirit – Cheryl and Zoë


Hi, everyone!  Sydney here!  I’m going to be trying to document the meetings more with pictures and by taking notes at each meeting (unless I’m teaching, haha).  Last meeting I did take notes, so here they are!  I also made a new page on the blog’s home page itself detailing the current assignments that the girls have.  If you’ve never checked out our site, just click on one of the links in the email like “read more” or “view full post.”  Enjoy!

Marks of a gentle and quiet spirit:

  • Not being agitated.
  • Being nurturing and caring.
  • Having courage and being kind.
  • Being strong, but not brash.

Notes on having a g/q s

  • God created us to care, so it’s not counter-personality.
  • Silence can be more powerful than shouting sometimes.
  • Calmness is attractive and people will trust you if they can respect your quiet strength.
  • Why have a gentle and quiet spirit?  Because it’s pleasing to others and God, and it’s a mark of someone who is centered in God’s peace.


1 Peter 3:1-6
-Wives be submissive

-A gentle and quiet spirit is pleasing to God.

Illustration of evil stepmother & stepsisters vs. Cinderella
-Cinderella didn’t defend herself but was meek, submissive, respectful, and kind.

If you don’t have a gentle and quiet spirit, you…

  • Are unaware of people around you
  • Are loud
  • Try to get attention
  • Tells everyone anything and everything you are thinking

If you have a gentle and quiet spirit, you…

  • Think of other people first
  • Are respectful
  • Are quiet
  • Are calm
  • Seek to give glory to God
  • Are in control of emotions
  • Only show emotion when appropriate
  • Have a quiet strength instead of constantly trying to prove that you’re a “strong, independent woman.”

Having a gentle and quiet spirit is pleasing to God!  How inconceivable, I mean, we can please God!

Examples of women with g/q spirits:

  • Amy Carmichael put others before herself and her ambition.
  • Biddy Chambers gave up her dream job of Prime Minister’s secretary to serve her husband, Oswald Chambers.  Her shorthand of his messages led tons of people to Christ.
  • Lilias Trotter gave up what could have been a successful art career to be a missionary to Algeria.

Being in Control of Your Emotions

Pray about wrong attitudes that seem unavoidable.  Give them to God, and He will change them.

A gentle and quiet spirit is something only God can give you, and only if you let Him.

Be persistent in prayer, and really want to change.  You might not notice an immediate change, but, eventually, you will see changes.  When this happens, don’t stop!!  Keep praying, because the enemy will try to tear anything good like this away from you.  If you keep at it, it is pleasing to God.

God uses us despite our brokenness!


NOT being a doormat!  It’s being unselfish.  Listening to and obeying our authorities such as bosses, parents, pastors, the government, and (future) husbands. And first and foremost we need to be submitted to God and what he commands trumps what anyone else tells us to do.

Another way of thinking about it is letting go a part of yourself to help someone else’s dreams come true and supporting them.

Until next time,
Your faithful note-taker,