Who is Bright Lights for?

Girls ages 9-20 (though we do make exceptions on occasion for mature younger girls). Specifically, girls who really love God (or want to love Him), and who are looking to learn. While the meetings are fun, and casual in some ways (for instance, it is permissible to take off your shoes during the meeting), they are also quite deep and serious at times. Also, Bright Lights is, as much as possible, an “open” group–we do all we can to avoid the formation of “cliques” and anything like that.

Where are the meetings held?

At our home church, Grace Bible Church. (403 Rock­croft Street, Port Char­lotte, FL 33954) We normally meet in the sanctuary. And, yes, you are welcome to come no matter what church you go to.

What should my daughter wear?

We like to have the girls dress up a bit, mainly because it makes the meetings more special and it’s fun–however, it is not necessary. Many of the girls do wear skirts, but a few also wear pants. We really aren’t too picky about clothes–though we do ask that they be modest and not overly dressed up or way under dressed to the point of being distracting (to themselves if no one else… :))

What should we bring?

Mainly just be ready for God to work in your heart–we also recommend you bring your Bible, and, if you like, something to take notes on.

When should I pick my daughter up?

Um… well, some meetings go a little longer than others. Technically we try to be done at 8:30, but sometimes they are still having tea after that… so 9pm is probably the best time.

Can moms stay?

Yes! My mom loves having other moms to visit with, and the moms do a great job getting tea set up for us. Normally the moms don’t sit in on the meeting, though–mainly just because it can make the girls a little less willing to talk… but if you want to sit in on one, or listen outside the door, that is fine with us!

Does the group close?

Nope. Girls can join anytime–however, keep in mind that often our meetings build on each other so they may be a bit lost at first. Each meeting does stand alone as well, though, so it’s not that big of a deal.

What Can I Do to Help?

PRAY. Please be praying for Hannah and Carissa and for all the girls in attendance.
Provide snack. Cookies, cake, muffins, cheese and crackers, fruit, and other things like that are good. We need 30 servings total, so you can either bring the entire portion or team up with someone else and each brings half.

Contact us with any additional questions! 🙂


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